Soldier in the Rain
Chris Noel in the News
Here's a recent local news report on a troubled veteran, featuring a comment on the situation from Chris Noel.

Chris Noel Interview on WFDU

Below, a radio interview with Chris Noel that originally aired on station WFDU. Chris talks about her roles in "Soldier In The Rain" and "Glory Stompers" plus her charity, Vetsville.

Soldier in the Rain

Filming Soldier In The Rain

Chris Noel's new book Filming Soldier In The Rain: Behind The Scenes with Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason is now available on Amazon. Click to order!

Rolling Thunder 2013

Here are two shots of Chris at ROLLING THUNDER 2013, the annual rally in Washington DC to raise awareness of veterans issues.


Chris Noel Day in New Hampshire

Chris Noel was recently honored with the proclamation of October 20, 2012 as Chris Noel Day in New Hampshire. The state's governor, the honorable John Lynch, bestowed this great honor on Chris for her ceaseless work on behalf of American veterans from Vietnam and all wars. The governor's actual proclamation is seen on the right.

As every Chris Noel fan knows, Chris was a film star in the early Sixties, and also hosted a radio program called "A Date With Chris" for Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War. Today, Chris runs a shelter for homeless veterans called Vetsville Cease Fire House. Please click here to make a donation to this worthiest of worthy causes.

In the photo above, taken by Creative Photography by Michelle, Chris talks with a group of veterans, all of whom were eager to get a moment alone with the sex symbol who co-starred in films with Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen.


Chris Noel attends Vetflix Festival

Chris Noel was thrilled to be a part of the first annual Vetflix Veteran Celebration and Film Festival in Brookline, New Hampshire at Studio Metronome. VetFlix is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and sharing of veteran histories on film and video. The festival showcased films exploring the world of veterans and the price they have paid to keep our nation free. Veterans of all eras attended the event, which included a speech by Chris, followed by a question and answer session. In the photo above, taken by Creative Photography by Michelle, Chris poses with Vetflix organizers, a swell bunch of great patriots! Thanks for everything, guys!


"FILMING GIRL HAPPY - Behind The Scenes with ELVIS"

Of all the movies I've done, the one people keep asking me about is GIRL HAPPY! The movie is almost 50 years old, but interest in Elvis Presley is still going strong. Over the years, hundreds if not thousand of fans have asked me, "What was it like working with Elvis Presley?" Well, I finally decided to put it all down on paper. If you're interested, get FILMING GIRL HAPPY - Behind The Scenes with ELVIS on Amazon.com. It's got lots of great Elvis stories, including the time Elvis stuck his tongue in my ear, plus deleted scenes, the original ending, and tons of great candid photos. Click here to get FILMING GIRL HAPPY.

TCM's Spring Break Week: BEACH BALL

Turner Classic Movie station recently had a "Spring Break Movie Week." The video above is TCM's introduction to BEACH BALL starring Edd "Kookie" Byrnes and me, Chris Noel. The hosts discuss the film and its many musical guest stars, including the Righteous Brothers, and Diana Ross and the Supremes. Clip length: three minutes.

"Vietnam And Me"

Vietnam and MeHi love! "Vietnam and Me," is a personal memoir of my experiences as a disc jockey during the Vietnam War, and my harrowing battle with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after the war ended.

"Vietnam and Me" is a new edition of my first book, "Matter of Survival," originally published in 1987. Many Vietnam vets and others have been asking me for copies of this book for years, but I ran out of them a long time ago.

So I decided to give the book a second printing, with a new title, a new cover, and some new pictures never published before -- including one that shows me riding in a rickshaw in Saigon. The photos inside this edition are all black and white, just as they were in the first printing. All of my original text is included. Hope you like it, love!

"Vietnam and Me" is now available on Amazon.com for just $10.00!
Vietnam and Me
Confessions of a Pin-Up Girl
Chris Noel
From my early days growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida to acting in Hollywood and entertaining our troops in Vietnam and around the world, it's all in "Confessions of a Pin-Up Girl"!

My tell-all book covers everything -- from my romances with Steve McQueen and Hugh O'Brian to my date with Frank Sinatra -- from my movies with Elvis and Dennis Hopper to performing with Bob Hope in Vietnam!

It's 180 pages, full color, with hundreds of beautiful photos, most never before published. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Confessions of a Pin-Up Girl is available on Amazon.com. Click HERE to order from Amazon.com. Or you can Click HERE to get an autographed copy directly from me!
Chris Noel
Emmy-winning documentary features Chris Noel

Wisconsin's official Welcome Home to our Vietnam Veterans, held May 22, 2010 at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin, was a great success. Veterans, family members, and Chris Noelthe community gave some long-overdue recognition to those who served in Vietnam, and during the Vietnam era. An estimated 70,000 people attended Landing Zone Lambeau, a three-day event. 1,244 motorcycles participated in the LZ Lambeau Honor Ride to Lambeau Field to pay tribute to the Wisconsin service people who were killed in action, or Chris Noelare still missing in action.

The event was emceed by legendary Vietnam pin-up girl CHRIS NOEL, who made countless trips to Vietnam to entertain our troops during the war. "Welcome Home" was the subject of a documentary which has won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for Special Event Programming.

Highlights of the event were captured on a special DVD, available from Wisconsin Public Television. Included on the DVD are music, aerial fly-bys, presentations and a special memorial to the 1,244 people from Wisconsin who were killed in action in Vietnam or are still missing in action. Featured guests include Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy, poet Jim Northrup, country musician Rockie Lynne, and master (mistress?) of ceremonies Chris Noel.

Presidential Medal of Freedom Petition

Chris NoelChris Noel, having served her country with honor and distinction, is now a candidate for the Presidential Medal of Freedom (pictured right). In Hollywood, Chris starred opposite Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley. In Vietnam, she did several tours to entertain the troops, once with Bob Hope.Many Vietnam veterans think of her a fellow "combat" veteran and hero.

Chris was considered so important for our troop morale that the Viet Cong placed a $10,000 bounty on her head! Today, Chris is still giving to veterans, by running a shelter for homeless vets in Florida. To add your name to the Presidential Medal of Freedom petition for Chris Noel, please click here!
Bye love!